Foundation Coating

Water-proofing that works on your concrete and insulated concrete foam (ICF) construction.

Weatherskin Foundation Coating

A high performance acrylic elastomeric coating formulated for protecting ICF Construction foam foundations, Concrete foundations, Wood and Metal components, and sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam coated oil tanks from physical degradation through weathering and UV radiation. This product is designed for both maximum durability above and below ground.

  • Typically applied with a sprayer to form a seamless, protective barrier against leakage, moisture intrusion and UV radiation.
  • Withstands substrate movement and accommodates rapid changes in temperature while maintaining protective barrier.

Weatherskin’s polymer manufacturer’s team has, since 1989, supplied the oil, manufacturing, building and commercial markets with innovative and durable flooring and roofing solutions. Coatings for oil industry and colorants, tints and paints formulated to meet or exceed all Canadian and International standards.

  • We are consistently testing and perfecting our lines to create specialized versions of our products for different industry uses.
  • 10x the thickness of paint, elongation properties unlike any competitor, and an available fire-retardant additive, our self-priming membranes bond to anything and far outlast any other products.
  • Our products coat metal tanks that experience 100-degree temperature swings, hail, frost, and blistering sun annually. Enough said.
  • Not only do Weatherskin products have less than 1% fade rate annually, it creates a barrier to block harmful radon gasses



Our non-corrosive, U.V. Stable, above/below ground approved products work in every environment and on virtually any material, including magnesium board and ICF block.


The lite-weight liquid membrane can be applied directly over asphalt, tar, metal, plywood, polyurethane foam, roll out shingles and other membranes.


Weatherskin epoxies have been created to exceed all the demands of modern architects, engineers and designers.

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