Residential Construction

Weatherskin Residential Construction

Whether it is a single home, a multi-family complex, or an entire development Weatherskin works closely with property owners to make sure they get the exact product that they require. Weatherskin thinks that the home is just as important as any large building we may serve in the commercial sector. Home-owners, building managers and property management companies deserve solutions and products that perform. Weatherskin provides just that. Because our products are North American tested and manufactured, we can control and ensure the quality. These products have to be designed and trusted to protect some of the most valuable assets in special industries, so we are confident they will far exceed the expectation of property owners. We want to give your home the look of a state-of-the-art building, by applying coatings that outlast and out-perform the competition.

More than that, Weatherskin wants to provide home and property owners with security. There is nothing worse than water intrusion. Whether it comes from your roof, foundation or walls you can be sure it won’t be cheap to fix. Plainly put, leaking and mold sucks. Why not have the ultimate line of protection against these problems before they even occur? Our service division provides an installation warranty and we provide the product warranty. We have got you covered.

We are also environmentally sound for the applicator, the resident/tenant and any animals and plants that may grow up around our coatings. Our low/zero VOC coatings are largely food and drug grade, non-toxic, non-hazardous, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, mold resistant and easy to clean and maintain. We also produce flame resistant coatings for extra security and protection for your family and home.

Examples of common residential construction applications:

  • Wall coatings that can be tinted for garages, ceilings, kitchens, interior living spaces, bathrooms, and exterior walls. Different finish textures can also be achieved to look like parging or stucco.
  • Water-proofing coatings for foundations, decks, fences, retainer walls, piles, posts, septic/water tanks, tunnels and frame-work (seam-sealing)
  • Roof coatings for modern homes and multi-family buildings with flat or metal roofs and/or walk out patios.
  • Floor coatings for garages, entry-ways, patios, driveways, basements and other living spaces.



Our non-corrosive, U.V. Stable, above/below ground approved products work in every environment and on virtually any material, including magnesium board and ICF block.


The lite-weight liquid membrane can be applied directly over asphalt, tar, metal, plywood, polyurethane foam, roll out shingles and other membranes.


Weatherskin epoxies have been created to exceed all the demands of modern architects, engineers and designers.

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