Washable Clear-Coating

Superior finish and performance over paint and oil-based membranes

Weatherskin Washable Clear-Coating

Weatherskin originally designed this coating for marine usage on yachts. Because of its amazing resistance to water, temperature and UV light combined with its environmentally friendly chemistry, it became the perfect wall and ceiling coating for rooms that require heavy wash cycles, need to remain sterile and experience heavy traffic. The most common spaces that incorporate the clear coating onto there walls and ceilings are vertical farming structures, hospitals, food production facilities, government institution, car wash bays and schools. The coating is available in both satin and high gloss finishes.



Our non-corrosive, U.V. Stable, above/below ground approved products work in every environment and on virtually any material, including magnesium board and ICF block.


The lite-weight liquid membrane can be applied directly over asphalt, tar, metal, plywood, polyurethane foam, roll out shingles and other membranes.


Weatherskin epoxies have been created to exceed all the demands of modern architects, engineers and designers.

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